June 11, 2019

Calculating ROI for Glass

Balázs Szakál
Balázs Szakál
Product Owner of Glass, Quality Assurance at META-INF


Whenever you spend money on something, you should consider if its worth it or not. Especially when you spend your company’s money, this questions comes up regularly from your manager, or your manager’s manager. Why should you buy an extra App? Whats the Return Of Investment? Let’s walk through popular use cases, and calculate the price with and without Glass installed.

Average click needed for Getting Information

When you want to get some information, you want it fast. As fast as possible. Lets see some examples, how fast can you get information from your beloved Jira system, as a Simple User, Project Admin and System Admin. Let’s compare these click to reach numbers with Glass in the following table:

Conclusion about getting information

As a Simple Jira user, you are screwed! Basically your system is a big mystery, you can’t know anything for sure, which can make you depressed and angry. That's bad. Not only for you, but for you productivity, for your admins, your general feedback about Jira and for everyone in your company.

As a Project Admin, you can feel like a small king in your kingdom, you can know many things about your project, you can manage components, version, users, and you can answer Simple User’s questions about your Project. But there are few mysteries, and uncomfortable layouts for you as well.

As a System Admin, you are the true emperor of your system. You know all the answers if you really want, but sometimes it take a little more time as it would be comfortable/affordable for you. Especially questions about projects which created by another administrators, takes much longer to answer.

The cost of a full project configuration documentation

Project documentation helps all the users interacting with the project, also in some industries strict audit rules expect them. If you are not sure why should you create project documentation, read our blog on this topic: Why should you create Jira Project Documentations?

Let's try to calculate how much does it cost to create a project documentation for 1 project.

Suppose that an Atlassian Administrator’s hourly rate is 60$ (based on Upwork public data).

Creating a well formatted document, could take 4 to 20 hours, depends on the size and complexity of the project. Lets calculate with an average of 6 hours.

So the documentation of a unique project costs around ~360$.

Let’s compare this to the price table:

For example if you have an instance with 50 users, you can fully document 2 unique projects manually one time, but if you are on the 2000 user tier, you can create 22 project configuration documentation in 133 man-hours, instead of investing into Glass.

Also don't forget, creating documentation manually will be outdated very soon, there weill be extra maintenance cost as well!

Conclusion about cost and ROI

Glass is an investment, to automate your boring and expensive manual documentation process, makes it easy and sustainable, while your documentation becoming always up to date!

Overall Solution for Project Documentation

At the end Glass saves you lot of time, and time is money.

With Glass, you can create a project documentation with only 1 click / project: Get Project documentation with 1 click

Over that, you can support your

  • simple Jira users with easy to understand project information (which they could not reach otherwise)
  • project admins to overview their project and educate newcomers
  • system admins to reduce their dependencies, and increase their productivity

Dont hesitate, try Glass now for free!

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