features and benefits of Glass project documentation for Jira
December 21, 2022

Glass Project Documentation for Jira: Features & Benefits

Balázs Szakál
Balázs Szakál
Product Owner of Glass, Quality Assurance at META-INF

As a Jira administrator, you must comply with audit obligations which can take up to 40 (!) hours per project to write the required documentation. If anything changes, the Jira documentation is never updated. In addition, you have to spend a lot of time training and supporting Jira users in the company. Especially questions about the other admin’s Jira project take a long time to answer. Not speaking of finding changes fellow admins made in your Jira project. You should also help onboard new team members with relevant project details and even manage cloud migrations that turn your life upside down. These are just a few challenges Jira admins face on a daily basis. 

The following post introduces Glass Project Documentation for Jira as a potential solution for the above productivity issues of Jira (project) administrators.  

Glass Project Documentation for Jira

Glass Project Documentation for Jira is a cutting-edge Atlassian productivity app that makes your Jira project configuration transparent. It automates your painful manual documentation tasks and keeps your documentation up to date. Glass provides detailed project information not only for Jira administrators but for users and auditors. As an admin, you can unlock most Jira projects to affected users while keeping data-sensitive projects hidden via Permission Schemes. Whether you manage a service desk, HR, IT or development project  — you can empower your team with valuable and easy-to-use Jira documentation. 

With Glass Project Documentation, our goal was to solve three crucial problems of Jira project configurations:

  • give more control to Jira admins to validate settings, 
  • provide accurate and aggregated information for audits, and
  • help new users learn about Jira project settings.

Features & benefits

Full project documentation in seconds

Glass automatically generates the documentation of your Jira project configuration in seconds and keeps it always up-to-date. Thanks to the automated documentation, you don’t have to waste your time with boring manual documentation of Jira projects and can focus on more valuable tasks. Glass gathers every project configuration detail resulting in a complete and easy-to-understand overview helping not just Jira admins, but auditors and users.

screenshot of Glass project documentation for Jira

One-click access to project information 

Users with the “View Glass” Permission can access the Project Configuration Documentation from the project sidebar menu. This way they can access relevant Jira project documentation with just one click. They can check project team members, permissions, validators, workflows, conditions, and others without admin permission. Users can quickly access valuable project information without chasing their managers - or you - for more info.

Export Jira project configuration & workflows to Confluence or PDF

With Glass, you can export Jira project configuration settings to Confluence or PDF in seconds. You can even use the Confluence Page History to track changes in your project.

Exported PDF contains the same information as the online version in a nicely formatted document, which is ideal for audit purposes. In this way, you can provide complete and accurate information presented in an impressive PDF document to auditors. Not to mention that thanks to the reduced load of Jira admins, preparing for audits becomes faster. 

screenshot of Jira project configuration documentatin exported to pdf

Compare Jira project configurations

With Glass, you can create snapshots as project configuration milestones in order to compare and validate settings. While comparing two configurations, all information that is available in Glass is taken into account. Comparing Jira project configurations helps you understand the differences between configurations on the project level, without administrator access. With this feature, you can quickly find configuration changes within the same Jira project or between projects in time. You can upload snapshots to different instances when moving from dev to prod or validating cloud migration. It’s also a great tool for project version tracking.

screenshot of comparing projects in Glass project documentation for Jira

Analyze user settings and deep dive by drilling down into workflows

You can easily check users, roles, groups, permissions, notifications, issue types and workflows (incl. validators, conditions, and post functions) in your Jira project without admin access. It takes just one click, and the workflow details are also revealed. The unique workflow actions are displayed in the project documentation and accessible without admin rights. With the “View Glass” Permission, every detail is available without compromising security.

screenshot of workflow transitions in Jira

Quick onboarding with self-service

Users can access relevant Jira project information in an easy-to-understand format with just one click. If they need more information on any topic, there are links provided to the official Atlassian documentation,‍ so they can learn basic Jira terms and concepts if they start from scratch.

You can enable your users to self-learn so they won’t overhaul you. This way, Glass reduces your team's learning curve with relevant information and educational content. New Jira users can promptly catch up with Jira terms and project settings. Last but not least, you can quickly get new project members on board.

Overview of Jira project settings


By minimizing the time spent writing documentation and educating team members Jira admins can improve their productivity and focus on more valuable tasks. Providing a quick overview of relevant project information, configuration settings and workflow details increase the transparency of Jira projects which benefits both admins and users. 

Thanks to the reduced load of Jira administrators, preparing for audits can be faster. Fellow Jira administrators can work together effortlessly without any confusion about each other's documentation. Be it a cloud migration or changes by a fellow admin, you can quickly track differences between Jira project versions.

These are obvious ROI benefits of Glass. Do you give it a free try?

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