Key functions and benefits of Glass Project Documentation for Jira

Computer shows features of glass administration app for Jira
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One-click access to project information 

Access relevant Jira project documentation with just one click. Check team members, permissions, validators, workflows, conditions, and others - all without admin permission. You can learn basic Jira terms and concepts if you start from scratch.

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Export Jira project configuration & workflows to Confluence/PDF

Export project documentation and configuration settings to Confluence or PDF in seconds. Present impressive project documents with just one click. Use Confluence Page History to track changes in your project.

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tablet shows exporting project from jira to pdf and confluence
jira configuration management on two tablet screens

Compare Jira project configurations

Create snapshots as configuration milestones. Find configuration changes in the same project or between projects in time. Upload snapshots to different instances when moving from dev to prod or validating cloud migration.

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Analyze roles, groups, permissions and notifications

Check users, roles, groups, permissions, notifications and workflows (incl. validators, conditions, and post functions) in your Jira project without admin access. Export settings if needed.

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tablet with jira configuration management print screen
tablet displays jira workflow administration details

Deep dive by drilling down into workflows

It takes just one click, and the workflow details are revealed. The unique workflow actions are displayed in the project documentation and accessible without admin rights. With the “View Glass” Permission, every detail is available without compromising security.

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