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Onboarding and training

  • For an average user, the Jira system is often a big mystery. You can't know anything for sure. You have no access to the information about the project you are working on. Especially newbies don't know where to find what in the system. 
  • Always chasing the Jira admin with questions leads to frustration and anger. This affects your productivity and impressions of Jira, which is bad for the whole company.

With Glass, new users can quickly learn Jira terms and concepts. Glass reveals how your Jira project is configured by providing 1-click access to the project documentation. New Jira users and admins can promptly catch up. You can quickly get new team members onboard. 

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Fast Audits

As a Jira administrator, you must comply with audit obligations. In case of more complex projects, it can take 40 (!) hours to write the required documentation. If anything changes, the documentation is never updated.

Glass automates the generation and update of Jira project documentation. Thanks to the reduced load of Jira admins, preparing for audits becomes faster. You can provide complete and accurate information for audits. By exporting to PDF you can present impressive project documents to auditors.

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Project Administration
in Jira -
Challenges and Solutions

Explore the main challenges Jira admins and users face, and see how specific apps are looking to boost your and your company’s Jira productivity levels.

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Change Control

  • When you work together on the same Jira project with your fellow admin or migrate to the cloud, you may face the challenge that multiple administrators can mix things up.
  • Tracking changes in your Jira project configuration in various business development scenarios is challenging.

With Glass, you can make snapshots from your project configuration to compare and validate settings when moving from dev to prod or the cloud. This way, you can quickly identify differences in your Jira projects. It’s also a great tool for project version tracking.

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Solution Partner Support

  • Atlassian solution partners' ultimate goal is to provide highly professional services to their customers. This includes providing a clear understanding of Jira project configurations.
  • Often Solution Partners manage customers' cloud migrations projects, which include writing Jira project documentation and reviewing configuration. Manual project documentation is painful, taking up to 40 hours (in case of a complex project).

Glass makes solution partners’ life easier by automating documentation and identifying differences between configs (e.g., in a cloud migration). Solution partners can improve their services via cool documentation and reduce customers’ learning curve with relevant project information and educational content. 

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